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Coffee single artwork

I wanted to write a love song about a thing instead of a person.

The idea came to me after I came home from a songwriting seminar. I was new to writing modern country music; I’d been feverishly studying the charts and working up a catalogue of songs to pitch. I played Another Road for the class to get feedback, and the instructor tore it apart.

“Lights, show, road… Is this person a performer?” he asked. I nodded. It’s a common enough metaphor, but it was also true to my life.

“This is better as your own artist song, then. Songs for the radio should be about normal people. Think about the person who works 9-5 in a boring job, on their morning commute. You need to write songs for the listener, not the singer.”

I felt a bit deflated leaving the seminar, but he was right. I had been focused on the artist, imagining the kind of songs they’d want to sing. But the greatest artists are thinking about their audiences. They’re telling their own personal stories, in a language that resonates with strangers. The song connects the dots and closes the gap.

The next day I was thinking about “normal people”, scrolling through Instagram and wondering if anyone is normal, and what normal people do. I came across a friend’s photo, where she was drinking from a giant mug that said “OK BUT FIRST COFFEE” in big, bold letters. And I thought, coffee is a normal-person thing. And I really, really, really like coffee.

Coffee is the true love of my life. Coffee is at the top of my gratitude list almost every day (some days it’s Boomer or Chief, or Patrick, or the internet). It’s encouraging and comforting, and it’s the way I start every morning. I’ve written haiku about coffee, and a sonnet about coffee:

So a song was the next logical thing.

It’s a song made for pitching, and that’s still part of the plan. Fingers crossed that someday you’ll hear it in a coffee commercial or YouTube ad. Until then, I’m thankful to my YouNow friends for requesting it and giving me the courage to release it out into the world on my own. A special thank you to Rachel TheGuzzzzler for making this adorable lyric video, and putting up with my neurotic punctuation changes. Fun fact: Long before I met her, Rachel was one of the names I considered for verse 2, until Kelly won the “most crazy-girl-name” Twitter poll. Rachel is an absolute gem of a human, with many facets and talents, so be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel and catch her live streams here.

The song is now available everywhere you listen to music, so choose your favorite platform and add it to your wake-up playlists. If you need something to drink your coffee out of, you can also get a Coffee Lyrics Mug here. It’s just like the one you see me drinking from non-stop.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for letting this song be a part of your life – “normal” or otherwise. Stay well and stay caffeinated, my friends. tenuto meilleur jeu facebook KM

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