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Our Last Song
This song is a little about cowriting and a lot about being alone; the distance between the heat of a moment and the slow realizations that settle in over time.

About Me (the short story)

My name is Kim. I’m a piano bar entertainer and amateur songwriter originally from Canada, now in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When I find the time, I also like to write about music, love, letting go, and my quest for immortality. Here’s the long story, or at least, one version of it.

I’m completely obsessed with the power of storytelling. My songs tend to be snapshots of personal experiences; I often write to remember fleeting emotions, or as a way of figuring myself out. I strongly believe that creativity is inherently human, and that everyone can make amazing things – it just takes courage and the right spark. That’s why I love to write with strangers, and I’m very open about sharing my creative process. I want people who hear my songs and see the stories behind them to feel fired up and excited to create their own art, whatever form it might take. It could be knitting, or computer programming, or something that hasn’t been invented yet. In fact, I hope it hasn’t been invented yet.

I share song sketches about once a week on YouTube and longer song blogs monthly. You’ll also find me writing haiku on Twitter, chilling with my cats on Instagram, and streaming mini shows from my living room on Twitch. I love connecting with creative people of all kinds, so say hello! Let’s make something together.

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