When I don’t know what to write, I like to write about the weather. It’s an endless source of inspiration for me, whether it’s pathetic fallacy or juxtaposition. This song is a little of both.

Emotions can be like the weather, changing gradually or suddenly. They can pleasantly surprise you or cast a shadow over your day and ruin your plans. In meditation I’ve been learning to watch my emotions, experiencing and enjoying them without necessarily acting upon them. It isn’t easy, but it’s interesting to tune in and name them, observing without reading too much into them. Much of my performance training has been about closing the gap between instinct and action; meditation is precisely the opposite. I’m beginning to believe they’re two halves of a whole, and equally important for me to feel like my best self. KM

Stay Inside

It’s raining on the window
Watch the droplets run down the glass
I’m waiting in limbo
For this blue mood to pass

Maybe I’m stuck here
Til the sun decides to shine
Or maybe this day’s an invitation
To curl up, unwind and stay inside
Stay inside

It’s snowing on the sidewalks
Hear the snow plows scraping the curb
I’m moping while my thoughts
Drift by in a white-grey blur

Maybe it’s bad luck
That the cold is so unkind
Or maybe this weather is a blessing
Giving me extra time to stay inside
Stay inside

Inside, safe and warm
Sheltered from the storm
Comfortable at home
And all alone

It’s sunny on a Sunday
Feeling sluggish still in bed
I’m wondering if there’s someway
To cure this existential dread

Maybe it’s hopeless
And I’ll always want to hide
Or I can notice my emotions
Enjoy the ride and stay inside
Stay inside

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