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I met Andrey in early 2019 on, of all places. He’s a sound designer and aspiring electronic producer who messaged me, hoping to collaborate. I know next to nothing about EDM, but I have a fondness for trance and Eurodance from my dance gamer days, and it seemed like a fun songwriting challenge. He lived in my neighborhood, so we met for tea and shared some of our favorite tracks.

Two instrumentals he had in progress really struck me: one trance and one more on the pop side. Melting was almost complete; just needed a short vocal feature. I wrote it on a break at Howl:

At first I thought my part was too short. I wrote it so quickly, it felt like cheating. But Andrey, more experienced in DJ dance clubs, insisted it was just right. In the mixing process, he showed me the power of Melodyne and crafted totally new melodies out of my voice. I found it bizarre and unsettling, so in the end we went back to my original melody, pitch corrected just for the polish and genre convention.

I considered writing more verses and reimagining it as a piano ballad. In the months between finishing the mix and releasing the track, I forgot about it and moved on to other song ideas. But it could still happen! Let me know what you think, and if you’d like it to. KM


So many seasons gone by
Spent a lifetime on my own
Kept my feet on solid ground
And my heart as hard as stone
In the dark, I’m frozen
Locked in my emotions
I could never open up my soul, so I stayed cold, alone

Till you
Broke through
Now you’re changing everything I thought I knew
And I’m melting into you
It’s true
You’re the candlelight that brightens up the room
And I’m melting into you