How I Fall in Love haikus

How I Fall In Love Haiku

Drifting down to earth from a rose-coloured Valentine’s cloud, watching the frosty skeletons of trees dance by as my train skates home from New York City, it seems impossible to not write about[…]

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On the value of music

On the Value of Music

Addictions come in all sorts of strange packages. Seemingly harmless habits can twist into compulsions that yank away the reigns and drive you down dark roads, leaving your sanity blurred in the background.[…]

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Another Road cover art

Another Road

I don’t exactly write songs slowly, but the moments that lead up to the writing are always a journey. “Another Road” was maybe 45 minutes of pen touching paper and 16 months of[…]

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What's in a Name

What’s in a Name

Hello world. My name is Kim. Kimberly Grace McInnis, as I was named on a foggy night in Windsor, Ontario, 28 years ago. Here are a few other names I’ve had. When I[…]

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